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Why You Should Care About Our Environment

“The history of life on Earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings. To a large extent, the physical type and the routines of the earth’s greenery and its animal life have been molded by the environment.

Are you mindful of the effect that you have on the environment? If you are, and you live eco-consciously and admire, protect, and maintain our environment, you’re remarkable!

For those that do not know, looking after the environment does not require you to end up being an environmental activist– just take care of the environment and make eco-conscious decisions. As someone who cares, understands, and is worried, I ‘d like to assist you understand why you need to appreciate our environment.

Here are 6 reasons that I think you ought to care:.


The more you don’t care about our environment, the more it will end up being polluted with contaminants and toxins that have a harmful influence on our health. Air pollution can cause breathing illness and cancer, to name a few issues and illness. Water contamination can cause typhoid, diarrheal illness, and other waterborne/water-related illness.

We have treatment systems and other systems to take care of some of these problems, you never ever know exactly what faults might happen. Air sustains us and water is a standard requirement, so we must just do exactly what we can to prevent contamination.

“ When the earth is ill and polluted, human health is impossible … To heal ourselves we must heal our world, and to heal our world we need to heal ourselves.”– Bobby McLeod (Aboriginal Activist & Poet).


Global warming is triggering climate patterns to alter. Yes, environment change is real and we (us humans) are mainly responsible because our activities have launched large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Yes, little changes in the typical temperature level can result in regular occurrences of harmful weather patterns and ravaging storms, so “for the sake of our kids and our future, we must do more to combat climate change. Yes, it’s true that no single event makes a pattern. However the reality is, the 12 hottest years on record have actually all been available in the last 15. Heat waves, floods, wildfires, and dry spells– all are now more extreme and regular. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most serious drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have actually ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can decide to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science– and act before it’s far too late.”– President Barack Obama (44th U.S. President), 2013.


Unless you have some superpower that I am uninformed of, you are not going to live permanently. What type of world do you desire to leave for your future household? If you understand the risks that future generations will face due to the problems we have now, why wouldn’t you make sacrifices and do something to prevent them from happening?

” But there need to be the look ahead, there need to be an awareness of the fact that to squander, to destroy, our natural deposits, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so regarding increase its effectiveness, will lead to weakening in the days of our kids the extremely prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them enhanced and established.”– President Theodore Roosevelt (26th U.S. President).


Biodiversity refers to the range of plants, animals, and other living things in our world. It can be adversely influenced by habitat loss and degradation due to human activity, environment modification, and contamination, to name a few things.

Because of biodiversity, we have numerous of the fundamental necessities that we need to survive. We need food that different species supply to eat, water to consume, air to breathe, and products to offer shelter and other needs. There are lots of natural processes that have been formed by numerous types to supply these requirements. If something occurs to a specific organism, an undesirable chain reaction might happen which might adversely impact us. Loss of biodiversity could likewise trigger other problems.

The higher the diversity of life, the greater the chance for numerous discoveries that might make our world a better place, so let’s do what we can to prevent the loss of biodiversity.

” We should evaluate every scrap of biodiversity as valuable while we discover how to utilize it and pertain to understand exactly what it suggests to humanity.”– E.O. Wilson (American Biologist).


One of my life mottos is, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Nature provides us many things for complimentary– tidy air, tidy water, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, and the list goes on … We take so much from nature, however exactly what do we give in return? Contamination?

The least we can do is show our appreciation by securing and preserving our environment.

” What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of exactly what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”– Mahatma Gandhi (Indian civil liberties activist).


It’s where we live, so we better take care of it! Would you rather live in a contaminated dump?

” Out of all those millions and millions of planets drifting around there in area, this is our planet, this is our little one, so we just got to be aware of it and look after it.”– Paul McCartney (English artist).

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As a specific, there are numerous ways to reveal that you care about our environment. A few of the most common methods are the 3 R’s:.


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You Consume Energy Every Day– Here’s How You Can Conserve It.


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No matter how small or insignificant your actions might appear, they matter. It just takes 1 individual to start a movement that might potentially lead to a significant environmental breakthrough.

Are you going to be that person?

Raising Kids to Care About Healthy Eating

Sometimes, it seems impossible to drown out the advertising that markets unhealthy food to our children – a 2012 study found that US fast food outlets alone spent $4.6 billion annually marketing their products to children and teenagers, and that the average child sees more than ten junk-food advertisements on television each day, or more than 4,000 per year. Unsurprisingly, 98% of food ads targeted at children are for products that are high in fat, sugar or sodium. How is a parent concerned about nutrition supposed to cut through?

One of the easiest ways to get kids interested in healthy eating is to get them into the kitchen. Children are naturally proud and happy to eat food they’ve prepared for themselves. Teach your children how to make healthy snacks – celery sticks with peanut butter, or baby carrots with hummus – and they might start reaching for those before they go for the chips and soda.

Of course, keeping chips and soda out of your home in the first place is the best way to keep them away from your children. What you eat sets the tone in your family, so don’t expect your children to eat wholegrain bread if your breakfast each day is a sugary pastry. Talk about your healthy food choices and how they make you feel energetic, focused, fit and good about yourself. Ask your children about their favorite healthy foods and make sure they’re always available. Set aside one night per week to ‘experiment’ with a new healthy recipe or ingredient – you’ll likely find some hits that you can put into regular rotation. And don’t forget to tell your kids that you’re proud when they make a healthy choice – all children want approval from their parents. Winning the war against junk food might not be easy, but it’s vitally important – so start today, and get talking about getting healthy!

Raising kids to be a good American

As it seems everywhere you look around the globe, some kind of chaos appears evident in circles high and low. However, through the development of the modern era, one country has stood head and shoulders above the rest in leading the world, the United States maintains the best track record in human history for any dominant super power of its time. The United States is also at the vanguard of liberty and opportunity regardless of color or gender. Therefore, raising kids to be a good American is something all parents worldwide should also aspire to. The Unite States is a fantastic role model for other nations, it also follows that raising kids to have good American ideals is a wonderful value system indeed. Other cultures may poke fun about America here and there, some may even claim that America has lost respect in certain corners of the world, however, when any global disaster happens, the entire world turns to the nation with the Statue of Liberty.

A country’s future is only as good as its succeeding generations. Raising kids to be a good American is a noble goal for all parents, not just ones stateside. For the most part, you will always find American ideals to be noble and trustworthy. You can always tell a great deal about a culture, the way it treats outsiders. The USA has always been the world’s leading melting pot. It’s important for kids to be exposed to different cultures and religions. The US has always been very tolerant of other cultures and religions. American kids learn from an early age how to behave and interact with others that may look different and behave differently from them. When kids observe the hard working nature of what it means to be American, it makes a huge difference. The US has always had hard-work woven into its fabric. Many American kids get a job early in life to demonstrate their early maturity compared to others around the world. That shows the initiative and the hard work mentality of high school age kids who are eager to contribute value to the world. American parents have always emphasized the importance of home work to their kids. American parents pride themselves on having well-educated, polite and responsible children, so many resources are dedicated to developmental and supportive tools, not just within school structures, but the community as a whole too. American parents love to share and help each other out, the children also learn the same cooperative nature.

Raising kids with great American ideals positions them to take advantage of their opportunities in the future. One thing about the American way of life, it’s about getting the job done, not about making excuses. Kids need to understand the importance of self-reliance and independence to seize the initiative. The American spirit is one of a can-do attitude. The United States leads the world in innovation across most influential areas. These days, more and more inventions are originating from very young people, hopefully the future generations will continue to capitalize.

Raising Kids to Care about Gold Fish

Goldfish is wonderful, serene, and entrancing creature. There are such a large number of goldfish types accessible, which is why goldfish have turned out to be such prevalent pets. Be that as it may, they additionally need to be adored, cared for be considered simply like any pet.

Goldfish are remunerating pets to have, especially if you have kids around. Taking care of such a pet makes them learn about responsibility and discipline. Pet care of a goldfish, while misjudged by numerous folks, is low-upkeep and can permit you and your children to have a goldfish as a pet for a considerable time to come. A fun approach to include your youngster is to set up a goldfish care table which records the errands your kid is in charge of when dealing with his or her goldfish.

Educating your kids on the significance of goldfish care is vital before you bring it in the home. You should teach your kids about how to raise the fish of their own, including the amount of feed they should put in the aquarium, adjusting the oxygen balance when to change the aquarium water. By bringing up the goldfish, kids learn obligation and order as they maintain the aquarium and stay aware of feeding the fish. Tending to goldfish can be so fun and rewarding. It is hard not to see why goldfish offers an incredible learning knowledge for youngsters. To make it more interesting for them, empower inventiveness when setting up the tank and see what your kid comes up with, and let their creative ability run wild! Maintaining the goldfish tank eventually becomes a family routine and the entire family comes closer together.

Since Goldfish are so easy to maintain and take care of, they can live on for about 10 years! What’s greater than having a pet around for such a long period of time that your kid literally grows with it.

Raising Kids to Care about Charities

Raising children is a rewarding experience, and parents all over the world recognize the importance of bringing up children to be conscientious citizens, who think about the welfare of others as well as themselves.

Raising kids to care about charity is one amazing way to ensure your child is thoughtful and giving, and it’s probably easier than you think. While it takes a little time, it benefits both you and your child, allowing you many opportunities for bonding time together while teaching them to be kind and thoughtful.

Charity begins at home, so let’s do this together!

Set examples for your children at an early age, by donating to your favorite charity or taking part in fundraising events in your local area. If they see you using your time to help others, they are more likely to do the same as they grow.

There are many ways you can influence your child to be charitable, and some simple ways include:

  • Donating much needed items to their school, e.g. pens, pencils, paper
  • Setting up a lemonade stand in your local community and donating the profits to a charitable cause
  • Becoming involved with local fundraising events in your area
  • Volunteering time at local charities, like animal shelters, homeless shelters or community clean-ups

Do a quick online search to find out about charity events in your area, and get the whole family involved. Doing things together keeps the family close, and teaches the little ones about the importance of giving back.

Parenting Kids with ADHD

Life with a child with ADHD can be overwhelming and frustrating, but as a parent there are many steps you can take to help reduce and control the symptoms. The symptoms of deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can create many challenges for parents. Kids with ADHD often forget about their things, experience issues remaining focused on their homework and seem mostly scattered when attending to assigned chores or tasks. As a parent, you can help your kid overcome these everyday challenges, transform his or her energy into positive things, and bring comfort to your family. The more reliably you address your kid’s problems, the better chance they have for succeeding in life.

Following are some parenting strategies for kids with ADHD:

Set down specific rules and remain consistent

Let your kid know what certain behaviors are expected. It’s very important that you be as detailed as possible to avoid from confusing your child and to guarantee that this behavior is repeated in the future. Be consistent about these specific rules to avoid any confusion.

Establish routines

Kids learn fast by following routines, and this is particularly true for children with ADHD. Be strict about their mealtimes, bedtimes, and to the time they should be awake and ready to go to school. Place limits on how long they can play games, surf the Internet, or watch TV, particularly on weekends.

Assign chores

Assigning chores teaches your kids to be independent and responsible as well as it helps with establishing their routine. Place a note or a reminder on the kitchen table about the tasks your kid is responsible for and what time he or she should finish them. If you have more than one kid, exchange the chores on the daily basis to make them experience doing variety of housework.

Create a separate distraction-free study room

Children with ADHD can focus a lot better in a room which is free from distraction. Modify your extra bedroom into a library or study room where your kids can do homework without any distraction. If there is no extra space for a library, move your kids’ computer and toys from their bedroom to the den so they can focus on their study without any distraction.

Motivate your child with small rewards

Motivating your kids with rewards or gifts encourages desired behaviors, it is also called positive reinforcement. These gifts should be basic token gifts like candies, a simple toy, or collectible stickers. For older children, use a complex reward system where desired behaviors can lead them to a bigger prize.

Never withhold your affection and love

Kids with ADHD also need signs of your support, encouragement, and love. You can show your children the negative outcomes of an undesired behavior by limiting specific privileges, but never hold back your love as a form of punishment because it can damage their self-esteem.

Parenting a Child with ADD/ADHD

Children who have ADD/ADHD can have a really tough time fitting in the world. As parents there are a lot of things we can do to help, making things less frustrating for the child. ADD and ADHD can affect more than just the child who suffers from it, it affects the whole family. Managing this takes effort and planning, but it can be done. You can empower your child and help them channel that energy into a positive direction – reducing stress for everyone involved. The sooner you address these problems the better of your child will be.

I often hear people talk about ADD or ADHD like it is some terrible disease. In fact it isn’t, it’s just that your child’s mind works differently from the majority of others. I think drug therapy should really be a last resort, and it can do more harm good down the line than. I’m not saying drug therapy isn’t an effective treatment, I just think that too many people are focused on that instead of finding a way for your child to deal with his own mental state. Often people with ADD/ADHD think at a much faster pace and need to find ways of utilizing their own special temperament – instead of trying to force themselves to be like those without this condition. Below are some tips on dealing with ADD/ADHD.

Stay Positive

Often you and your child can feel overwhelmed when facing the challenges of ADD/ADHD. This can often lead to feelings of despair and hoplessness when things get really bad. This is why it’s important to have a system in place for keeping a positive attitude to achieve your goals. This is true with most difficult situations that require constant upkeep.

Step back from the situation it’s important to make sure and keep things in perspective and realize your child isn’t purposely trying to sabotage you. Bad behavior is related to these disorders, and it’s not on purpose. Also remember that if the child isn’t behaving as you’d like, that maybe it’s your strategy that is at fault. Keep your wits and sense of humor intact. Many times you’ll be able to look back and laugh at the time that your child ran outside naked to avoid taking a bath, just not right away.

Be willing to compromise sometimes you have to choose your battles and take things as they come. If you expect too much you will always be disappointed. This doesn’t mean settle for less, just understand that you can’t fix certain behaviors overnight, so you may have to be a little relaxed sometimes when it comes to what you expect your child to do.

Have faith if you believe in your child and you are diligent, there’s nothing you can’t overcome when it comes to dealing with behavior. You need to have faith that your child can learn to manage their behavior as long as you are providing the right kind of guidance.

Take care of yourself

You need to be a good example for your child. Don’t try to do too many things at once or you may not be able to have the type of emotional control that the child needs from you. This falls in line with keeping a good perspective. At times, when we are in the thick of it, you may not be able to breathe and realize that screaming at a manic child will do nothing more than exacerbate the situation. You need to have a system in place to make sure you are prepared to handle things, because it’s definitely not easy. Here are some tips.

Take care of yourself sleep hygiene, proper diet, stress reduction and taking care of your general health are big parts of being prepared to handle a child with ADD/ADHA. Taking care of yourself is a great way to set a good example.

Get help we can’t do it all on our own. Find support from those who are going through the same situation. Talk to professionals or find a support group. Sometimes talking to someone who understands can make all the difference.

These tips are intended to help you better manage a child with ADD/ADHD. My brother growing up as well as my daughter has been diagnosed with ADD and one of the biggest things I realized is that taking care of myself was important. This wasn’t easy though, it meant I had to learn how to schedule time when I could actually get away for an hour or so to exercise, play guitar, vent to a friend etc. The main thing is to realize that there are tons of ways to channel your child’s energy into a positive direction. Many people with ADD/ADHD are simply wonderful human beings who are highly successful once they find the right path. Everyone needs to figure out their own recipe for what works and a large part of that has to do with experimenting based on other people’s suggestions.

Homeschooling for ADHD Children / Homeschooling ADHD Child

In recent years, we have started to become increasingly aware of the challenges that are being faced by children that suffer from behavioral disorders. This is mostly due to the fact that the stigma surrounding behavioral disorders has been alleviated to a great extent.

This means that disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are considered to be legitimate explanations for short attention span, poor academic performance or hyperactivity. However, just because this disorder has been legitimized within the medical community does not mean that it has been destigmatized in the modern school systems.

Teachers still have a lot of difficulty understanding that students suffering from ADHD have special needs, and must not be reprimanded the way a regular student would be because they simply have no control over their behavior. This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of teachers these days are underpaid and overworked and chronically uneducated in such matters.

This results in a lot of frustration for children suffering from ADHD, as well as the parents of these children who are unable to find schools that have environments that would be conducive to the special needs of their child.

Hence, homeschooling has started to become an increasingly popular option for parents, and several advantages have been noted to homeschooling children that are suffering from ADHD.

One of the main advantages is that parents are able to teach their children based on the special timetable of a child that suffers from ADHD. Often, a child with ADHD would begin to daydream, and in certain situations would not be able to pay attention no matter what he or she does. In such situations, it is essential that the child be given a break in order to get the distraction out of his or her system so that they can then refocus on education.

Children with ADHD also usually need a far more hands on approach to learning, and the usual classroom style of teaching in which the students sit quietly and the teacher dictates will simply not work. A child with ADHD would not absorb any information in such situations. Children with ADHD learn best by doing and by homeschooling their ADHD afflicted children, parents are able to apply these non standard teaching techniques without having to worry about what the school board would have to say about it.

Schools are also hubs of activity. This means that there are many opportunities to get distracted even in a quiet classroom. If a child is being homeschooled these distractions can be dramatically reduced.

There are downsides to homeschooling, however. These disadvantages include the fact that homeschooling requires a lot of time and can force your child to miss out on important socialization that occurs in schools. Additionally, as a parent you might not be able to get any time away from your kids, which can prove to be very stressful. Sometimes spending time with people of your age is necassary, and homeschooling your child won’t allow you to do that.

ADHD Coaching Online

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes managing time, accomplishing goals, and even tackling the most basic of tasks more difficult. If you have adult ADHD, there are a few options for help in coping. You could consider taking medication, with stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, to help increase your focus. When the idea of taking medication makes you uneasy, you might consider seeking therapy. Sometimes even simply talking to someone who specializes in ADHD can help. There are many ways to find a listening ear and helpful advice, from coaches to therapists. If you require more serious support, then a licensed therapist is likely what you will want for the proper treatments. Therapy can help you work through serious emotional issues and help in changing behaviors.

If you’re not sure if you have ADHD, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out more about the symptoms. With an increasing support system to be found online, there are many resources available to seek the help you need to get your life back on track. ADHD coaching online is becoming a viable resource for those seeking support. Coaches have a unique understanding of ADHD and how it affects people, and they can help by offering strategies for dealing with life challenges and developing better life skills, like self-management, reducing procrastination, and getting better organized. When you need help and you don’t know where to look, think of the online solution. With ADHD online coaching, you can reduce stress, manage your time, and improve social and communication skills.

Teach math to your kids: The fun way.

Teach math to your kids: The fun way.

Kids absolutely dread math. It is worse than the monster under their bed or the creature in their closet. The chances that they would run from math rather than broccoli is high! It’s all because children find math very confusing and difficult. The infiniteness of numbers and processes is very intimidating and scary to them. This is because they consider math as more of a chore than a fun lesson.Partly the tutors are to be blamed. Teaching to such young kids is always complicated, you are torn between wanting to teach them and to make it more interesting for them.
Why be torn when you can combine both of these things?
You can teach math to your kids in a fun and interesting way that not only catches and builds their interest but also teaches them. Come down to their level and think about what interests them the most? What is that catches their attention immediately? What is it that would draw them at one? Of course, GAMES!
Technology has taken over our lives and there is a technological solution for anything and everything. You can now teach your child by playing various math games. There are a variety of math games available for kids online that can be downloaded on your cellphone or any device. They help children in all grades to learn important math lessons in a quick and fun way. You can even find specific topic games online such as addition games, division games and etc.
These games make use of fun illustrations, characters and colors to attract children and use various songs to help them retain the information. Once a child learns the ‘daunting’ and ‘scary’ subject in a fun way, he/she will be more prone to learn other subjects in the same manner as well.

Kids of this age are not those that can be forced to learn. You need to make use of certain tactics and adopt certain strategies which would make learning fun. Making learning entertaining and enjoyable for them will not only work at this age, but will make them love learning as they grow. Maybe when they reach a certain age they would adopt varying strategies to learn but at this age, by making the leaning process amusing and entertaining, you are planting a seed that will grow with time.

Apart from games, you can also use other varying techniques and methods as well. Use colorful flashcards that have a problem written on one side and the answer on the other. Use artwork when teaching your child, like draw cartoons or characters to explain them. You can also make use of storytelling to involve your child even more. By relating to a particular story, your child will be able to sustain and retain what he/she has learned for a longer period of time. Just remember one thing: Your kid is a child, be a child with him/her and teach. He/she would better relate with a person who comes to his/her level rather than the ‘mean adult’.

Happy teaching!


Is homework really necessary?

There’s no doubt that the majority of teachers throughout the country issue homework to their students each and every day, but many educators are starting to wonder if homework really is necessary at all for young learners. Believe it or not, many teachers, administrators, researchers and parents think that too much homework might actually be detrimental to the learning process of children. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons why homework should probably no longer be as big of a deal as it once was.


Longer Classes – Unlike decades ago, students now spend the majority of their days going from class to class. Since school class schedules keep getting longer and longer, is it really necessary to assign additional work for the students to complete at home?

Takes Time Away From Extracurricular Activities – Extracurricular activities such as playing a musical instrument or athletics are an important part of a student’s development. If a student is given a great deal of homework each night, he or she will likely have to sacrifice either their grades or their involvement in other rewarding activities.

Limits Family Time – The hours that fall between school letting out and bedtime is a time for families to spend together. If a child is too focused on his or her homework assignments, this could mean he or she could be skipping out on quality time spent with the family.

More Work to Grade – Another reason why homework isn’t really necessary for young students is because it just adds to the schoolwork that teachers have to grade. If a teacher can save time by not having to grade hundreds of homework assignments each week, he or she can then better serve the students by doing more hands-on teaching.


As you can see, homework really isn’t that necessary but everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. So, what do you think? Is homework really necessary or not?

The benefits kids get by Learning Games

The benefits kids get by Learning Games

Pediatricians suggest that growing kids should learn to play games as it helps in strengthening them mentally as well as physically. Learning to play games may be as important as getting proper diet or proper sleep for growing kids. There is a large variety of games available for kids such as puzzles, card games, board games, videos games, and many others that are not only fun-filled but educational as well.

Most parents think that by learning games their kids might become lazy, stupid or unsocial.  Though, the fact of the matter is that, by learning games kids might gain loads and loads of knowledge and develop new skills. Listed below are 6 top benefits of learning games, for kids:

1.     Developing Social Skills

Learning games and then playing with a group of other kids can make your child more sociable. They will learn how to communicate, be diplomatic as well as negotiate with others. They will also learn how to deal with different personalities from a young age. This will help them in future, once they have all grown up.

2.     Enhancing hands and eyes co-ordination

By learning games, kids, especially toddlers as well as kindergartners can improve their coordination of hands and eyes. Each time they will play a game, their balancing will get better and their minds will get sharper. Parents should encourage their toddlers by introducing board games, puzzles and others, so that they come into physical interaction with them, learn how to play and then enjoy.

3.     Enhancing the concentration power

From a really young age, parents should help their kids to build strong focus by teaching them to play board games. The reason why we see many older kids getting anxious and frustrated in case of not getting quick results is because they have a short span of attention and they get bored very easily. By learning games at a young age, they learn to be patient and concentrate on one thing at a time.

4.     Strengthening decision making

Board games such as monopoly, checkers, risk and others have the ability to strengthen your child’s decision making power. This way, they become mentally strong and are able to focus better on their work at school.

5.     Bringing out creativity

Learning games such as Cranium or Pictionary have the ability to test the creative skills of the kids. They are able to express their ideas and come up with new and innovative ones. When kids show their creativity, they feel really light-heartened and happy because they start to think that they are really intelligent.

6.     Developing self-esteem

Learning games can also give a boost to the self-esteem of the child playing it. Whenever a kid wins a game, he or she feels extremely happy and accomplished. They start to build self confidence that helps them in later stages of their lives, like when they are in school or doing work anywhere. Learning games are best for those kids who are very shy or think that they are not good enough because whenever they will win, their self-esteem will increase and they will become more positive.

Math Games For 4th Graders

Math Games For 4th Graders


Mathematics is a subject that most of the students find tough and boring. However this subject is one of the most important subjects for all the students owing to its application in every field of life. A student has to master this subject whether he/she likes it or not. There is no field where you can be successful without having at least the basic know how about mathematics.

No doubt math is a boring subject and takes a great toll on the students but it can be made fun. The subject doesn’t remain much boring and tough if you make it interesting somehow.

Math games are gaining a widespread recognition these days owing to their popularity among the students. Educational experts have also regarded this to be a popular way of learning mathematics especially among the junior and high school students.

Fourth grade is an important grade for the mathematics and some of the very important skills are included in it. Some of the important skills that the fourth graders learn in school includes Number Sense, Addition, Functions, Variable Expressions, Subtraction, Coordinate Graphs, Logical Reasoning, Patterns and Sequences, Measurements, Time Geometry, Money etc.

There are a lot of websites online that offers math games for fourth graders. Every website is competing with others by providing the games for all sorts of math problems but we have compiled a few top rated math games on the internet for the fourth graders.

Bloxorz: This is a geometrical game in which the 4th graders are required to put a cube into a hole in the minimum possible moves by moving it in a precise manner.

DuBlox: This is another geometrical game quite similar with the above mentioned game, however it offers improved graphics. The game employs a cubic object and the player is required to put it on a red colored mark by moving it precisely.

Pumpkin Remover: This is another geometrical game for fourth graders and allows them use geometrical principles and correct use of gravity to clear the levels.

Math Racing: In this game the students learn about large whole numbers both in word and standard form while enjoying a fast paced racing game.

Adding Money Game: This game employs virtual cash register which allows the 4th graders to solve the word problems while enjoying this interesting game.

Adding Basket Ball Game: This game allows the students to practice the addition of decimals while playing an interesting basket ball game.

Adding Decimal Soccer Game: This game provides the opportunity to learn decimal addition to 4th grade students by scoring the goals.

Adding Decimals Basketball Game: This game also allows the 4th graders to practice decimal addition while playing basketball.

Division With Remainder Game: This game allows the students of 4th grade with a chance to solve division with remainder problems while enjoying the soccer game.

4th Grade Vocabulary Game: This is a vocabulary game for the 4th graders which help them learn important math definitions and terminologies.

Dividing By One-digit Number: This is multi-player game which gives the students a chance to solve division problems while playing the game of soccer.

Free online Math Games


Homeschooling has long been a controversial subject that’s come under national scrutiny recently. While some people think that homeschooling is a negative way to teach children, the fact is there are many positive ways to boost your child’s learning curve through home school math techniques. Home schooled children have shown a positive change over children going through the traditional school system.

Parents who have lost faith in the current school teaching core may wonder what homeschooling is. Teaching your children at home using a curriculum that’s customized for them is one way of explaining it, and it’s growing more and more popular every day.

One of the biggest reasons for this is of course the current way in which the state has mandated school teaching methods. Many of the methods we grew up with are no longer around, because core principles based around spelling, reading and math have changed for the worse. The new teaching tactics have concerned parents enough to convince them to pull their children out of public school and teaching them at home.

Fuzzy math is one of the biggest reasons around this trend, and it’s led to an entire generation that’s incapable of performing basic math. Some of the core teaching principles in today’s schools teach what’s called “Everyday Mathematics” which teaches a new way of educating kids to do math. These new methods use a strange way to reach the same answer, and its deliberating sabotaging today’s youth.

The tried and true fashion of multiplication tables and doing basic double digit math has fallen by the wayside. Instead children today are taught using a strange way of multiplication by using their hands and leaving the memorization part of learning out of it. Some other schools lean on the “box method” which is basically giving children a long way of doing a simple problem.

Today’s youth and even many adults having grown up with these teaching methods simply lack the basic tools to perform simple math problems. This can harm their potential to find steady employment and quite frankly be an embarrassing problem.

If you don’t want your children to share the same fate, you can use a variety of free online math games to help your child learn math the right way. Popular free online math games can make learning fun and easy depending on how old your child is and what grade they are in.

When your child is struggling with math or worksheets, you can help them improve their grade by finding the right online math game for them. Free online can really unlock your child’s mind and guide them to use the correct methods to learn addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Many free online math games can help your child learn and have fun while being corrected, and it’s a simple and entertaining way to improve their learning curve no matter what grade they are in.


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5 Great Apps for Homeschoolers


More parents now teach their children at home instead of sending them to conventional schools. As homeschoolers system grows across civilized countries, more resources are needed for it success. One of such resources is the homeschoolers apps, developed to successfully manage homeschooling system. The following are few homeschoolers apps for your consideration.



The iPlan Lessons app helps with lessons, homework, essays, science labs, and much more. It is one of many great apps in the iPlan Series; get detail at http://www.ihomeeducator.com


App Description:

Since homeschooling requirements differ from state to state, iPlan Lessons brings your local homeschool requirement right on your palm, saving you the trouble of looking for what is required by your state.



Easier Recordkeeping


Device compatibility:

iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch



Homeschool helper is a universal homeschool app, to keep your homeschool activities on track. Check detail at http://www.homeschoolhelperapp.com.


App Description:

Homeschool helper app was designed to help homeschool teacher maintain a balance between teaching and time management. It takes care of other homeschool chores, while you focus on teaching activities.



Tracking and managing unlimited number of students’ academic activities such as grades, progress, subjects, and lesson plans.


Device compatibility:

iPads, Kindle Fire, Nook, and Android tablets



Splash math is a complete math learning app adapts to your child’s need and skill.  For more information check here https://www.splashmath.com.


App Description:

Splash math is an interesting homeschool app that combined work and play. It focuses on building child’s skill in math and give room for gainful play time. Math is built in a way that, your success in previous questions will lead to increase in complexity of subsequent challenges.



Splash math combines excellent sounds and graphics with very intelligent structured math learning routine.


Device compatibility:

It runs on Desktops and laptops computers and iPad.



Evernote makes it easier to stay organized. It helps with saving files, notes and images. With evernote, storing your work, whether lesson note, work plan, to-do-list, and research work or student information. Check here for more information https://evernote.com.


App Description:

Everrnote is a professional file organizer.



Evernote is designed for workspace activities to write, collect, discuss and present.


Device compatibility:

Android and iOS



Bitsboard was designed to make learning fun and enjoyable and can be used by anyone, from early ages to any age imaginable. Check here for detail http://bitsboard.com.


App Description:

Bitsboard allows private learning. You need to grant permission to other users to link up with you. It gives you enough time to focus on your study.


Device compatibility:

iOS 7.0 or later, and available for free on both iPad and iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5).


Homeschoolers apps are great way to manage your homeschool program and they come in different types and application. You can access some online, while some work both off and online. Some homeschooler app can be accessed for free while you need to pay a small fee for others.


Check out this Ipad on  Amazon

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Third Grade Math Games

Third Grade Math Games to Try

It may not be the most fun topic to do or even think about, but math does not have to be the bane of every third grader’s existence. Try these fun and entertaining games that your child can play while also learning valuable mathematics skills. Get your child excited about this subject at an early age!

Game 1: Less Than You!

About the game: This game practices comparing and computation. Items required to play are a deck of cards with the face cards removed, and a minimum of 2 players are needed. The object of the game is to have a sum that is less than the other player’s.

How to play: One player deals 2 cards to each player and puts the rest face down in a pile. The players must take turns. For each turn, a player must take the top card from the pile to end up with a total of 3 cards. Then the card with the highest number must be discarded. Finally, the player must add the 2 remaining numbers mentally. If a player thinks that his or her card total is lower than the others, then he must say “Less than you!”

The player wins only if the sum of his cards are truly lower than the other. If not, the game is over. If a player doesn’t say “Less than you!” his or her turn is over. The game is not over until one of the players says “Less than you!”

Game 2: Number Warm-up

About the game: Improve the child’s number sense and familiarity with the number operations using this activity. To play, you will need a board, chalkboard or even a piece of paper, and some appropriate writing tools. This game is great for playing in a classroom setting, but can also be applied to a single child.

How to play: First, write the numbers 1-9 on the board. Then invite 2 children to give a number each between 1 and 9. Then, get all the children to create as many number problems using the 2 numbers. Examples to consider are addition of the two numbers, division, multiplication and so on. Any combination of operations can be used. In the next round of the game, get the children to give three numbers between 1 and 9. Likewise, get everyone to create number problems with these three numbers.

To make this even more of an exciting game, you could divide the children in two different groups and time them while they write down all the possible problems possible. This game is great because it can be modified to teach about grouping numbers and using exponents as well.

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Additional Tip: Use free internet resources!

There are many math games online for children to try out that are free and really fun. Try this list of online quizzes from IXL.com (link to 3rd grade games here: https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-3). There are also games that have a totally immersive gaming element, complete with main characters, quests and action or puzzles. Check out these fun games with cute monsters on AdaptedMind.com (link here: http://www.adaptedmind.com/Third-Grade-Math-Worksheets-And-Exercises.html).

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Check out some Fun math Games on Amazon.

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How to homeschool


We live in troubled times.  How often have you said to yourself, “If only I knew how to homeschool my child!”?  With school violence, bullying, questionable teaching methods, inappropriate  subject matter, and a system that repeatedly fails our children, no wonder so many of us stopped to ask how homeschooling could benefit our children and how to homeschool.

Thankfully, there are endless resources out there for parents who make it a priority to learn how to homeschool.  There are online homeschool options for parents who do not want to (or cannot afford to) purchase all schooling materials themselves, and allows the parents the online homeschool support of other likeminded educators.  There are support groups, curriculums, and testing for both physical homeschooling as well as online homeschool testing options.

If you have already asked yourself whether or not your child would benefit from a homeschool experience, whether it is through your teaching or through an online homeschool program, then you have already made up your mind that the current schooling system is not right for your child.  When you learn how to homeschool, you are empowering yourself and your family to live by your values, educate your child based on your beliefs, and empowering your child to take responsibility for his or her education in a personal and meaningful way.