Third Grade Math Games

Third Grade Math Games to Try

It may not be the most fun topic to do or even think about, but math does not have to be the bane of every third grader’s existence. Try these fun and entertaining games that your child can play while also learning valuable mathematics skills. Get your child excited about this subject at an early age!

Game 1: Less Than You!

About the game: This game practices comparing and computation. Items required to play are a deck of cards with the face cards removed, and a minimum of 2 players are needed. The object of the game is to have a sum that is less than the other player’s.

How to play: One player deals 2 cards to each player and puts the rest face down in a pile. The players must take turns. For each turn, a player must take the top card from the pile to end up with a total of 3 cards. Then the card with the highest number must be discarded. Finally, the player must add the 2 remaining numbers mentally. If a player thinks that his or her card total is lower than the others, then he must say “Less than you!”

The player wins only if the sum of his cards are truly lower than the other. If not, the game is over. If a player doesn’t say “Less than you!” his or her turn is over. The game is not over until one of the players says “Less than you!”

Game 2: Number Warm-up

About the game: Improve the child’s number sense and familiarity with the number operations using this activity. To play, you will need a board, chalkboard or even a piece of paper, and some appropriate writing tools. This game is great for playing in a classroom setting, but can also be applied to a single child.

How to play: First, write the numbers 1-9 on the board. Then invite 2 children to give a number each between 1 and 9. Then, get all the children to create as many number problems using the 2 numbers. Examples to consider are addition of the two numbers, division, multiplication and so on. Any combination of operations can be used. In the next round of the game, get the children to give three numbers between 1 and 9. Likewise, get everyone to create number problems with these three numbers.

To make this even more of an exciting game, you could divide the children in two different groups and time them while they write down all the possible problems possible. This game is great because it can be modified to teach about grouping numbers and using exponents as well.

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Additional Tip: Use free internet resources!

There are many math games online for children to try out that are free and really fun. Try this list of online quizzes from (link to 3rd grade games here: There are also games that have a totally immersive gaming element, complete with main characters, quests and action or puzzles. Check out these fun games with cute monsters on (link here:

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