Raising kids to be a good American



As it seems everywhere you look around the globe, some kind of chaos appears evident in circles high and low.  However, through the development of the modern era, one country has stood head and shoulders above the rest in leading the world, the United States maintains the best track record in human history for any dominant super power of its time.  The United States is also at the vanguard of liberty and opportunity regardless of color or gender.  Therefore, raising kids to be a good American is something all parents worldwide should also aspire to.  The Unite States is a fantastic role model for other nations, it also follows that raising kids to have good American ideals is a wonderful value system indeed.  Other cultures may poke fun about America here and there, some may even claim that America has lost respect in certain corners of the world, however, when any global disaster happens, the entire world turns to the nation with the Statue of Liberty.

A country’s future is only as good as its succeeding generations.  Raising kids to be a good American is a noble goal for all parents, not just ones stateside.  For the most part, you will always find American ideals to be noble and trustworthy.  You can always tell a great deal about a culture, the way it treats outsiders.  The USA has always been the world’s leading melting pot.  It’s important for kids to be exposed to different cultures and religions.  The US has always been very tolerant of other cultures and religions.  American kids learn from an early age how to behave and interact with others that may look different and behave differently from them.  When kids observe the hard working nature of what it means to be American, it makes a huge difference.  The US has always had hard-work woven into its fabric.  Many American kids get a job early in life to demonstrate their early maturity compared to others around the world.  That shows the initiative and the hard work mentality of high school age kids who are eager to contribute value to the world.  American parents have always emphasized the importance of home work to their kids.  American parents pride themselves on having well-educated, polite and responsible children, so many resources are dedicated to developmental and supportive tools, not just within school structures, but the community as a whole too.  American parents love to share and help each other out, the children also learn the same cooperative nature.


Raising kids with great American ideals positions them to take advantage of their opportunities in the future.  One thing about the American way of life, it’s about getting the job done, not about making excuses.  Kids need to understand the importance of self-reliance and independence to seize the initiative.  The American spirit is one of a can-do attitude.  The United States leads the world in innovation across most influential areas.  These days, more and more inventions are originating from very young people, hopefully the future generations will continue to capitalize.


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