A book – a toy or an education?

A book – a toy or an education?

What does one imagine under the words “book as a toy; book as an education”? What does a book mean for you – a toy or an education? Is it more a source of play and gaming or rather a tool of education to you? Well, the books can play both roles. Let´s have a look at the playful part of it. A book as a toy.

What first comes to my mind is the literal use of books as a toy-tool since one can easily fasten a blanket or other things with their weight. Seriously, definitely the first books for babies, which are often in a design of foldbook, have the role of toy. As well, those books that are folded when closed and once one opens them a castle with princess or a forest with the Red Riding Hood appears are pretty much toys like. There may be as well books evoking to play as for example the rhythmic books. Here we are already at quite educative form of play for child´s development. Another example may be when a book actually leads us through quizzes, games, or puzzles.

On the other way some books are clearly meant to be educative. Via illustration they can show everything. It can reflect the way how to treat other people and animals around us. What are the ways of growing grains or how it comes we can have a bottle of milk on our table etc. Then there are various kinds of encyclopeadias for children on the market. Children can read and learn about history, religions, cultures, animals, science etc. Often those first encyclopeadias contains a bit of everything to provide the overview.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Of course fairy tales and fantasy books in general are the most famous. We all remember those stories and for sure have a favourite book character with whom we connect or at least used to connect ourselves. With whom we went through the ups and downs, and whom we felt for. It might be the Cinderella or the Prince charming but more often it happens to be stranger creatures as the talking rabbit, frog or bird or even some entirely phantasy beings as an unicorn or the Smurfs. It may seem that these books are only a source of entertainment but usually there is a deep wisdom in them. Moreover, they develop one´s imagination, and learn us to feel and deal with all spectrum of emotions.

So, is book a toy or an education? Eventually, every play and game has its educative meaning, and we cannot really separate one from the other. On the other hand there can be some ways of children education that, although having the opposite intention, are quite boring. Try it on yourself or at least imagine it before you start to explain to any child how much fun one should have with that thing. After all, children know best what is good for them. If the activity or the toy for them has been created with love and loving intention they will probably love it too, no matter how crazy or boring it looks like.

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