Benefits of children having pet

Benefits of children having pets Benefits of children having pets are endless. Most children are drawn to animals which provides entertainment and learning. Children having pets at home learn many life lessons on responsibility, kindness, friendship to name just a few. The responsibility of caring for a pet is beneficial for the child and provides a fun job around the house, such as feeding, cleaning out cages, and taking them for walks etc. Research has shown children with family pets seem to have more confidence and self-esteem. Probably because they have a creature they can love and are loved in return with no expectations. Pets can be a wonderful social tool for some children, other children are often more prone to approach and interact with another child with a pet. Helping a less socially outgoing child, with meeting a potential play mate.

Children may develop a special interest in the type or breed of the animal. Encouraging them to read or search the internet for more information, which encourages a child’s cognitive development. Children create a special bond with their pets, often depending on them for comfort, and companionship. The relationship is non-judgemental from the pets perspective, allowing a hurting child to trust their pet rather than an adult. In today’s busy life we often do not take the time to enjoy the simple adventures life has to offer. The pet has a beneficial effect on family harmony, families spend more time interacting with each other, and enjoy fun activities and are much more physically active. Children with pets are encouraged to do more physical activity. This is especially important with the increase of child obesity.

Pet ownership can also provide better health for children. Pets in the classroom have many benefits to the child. Teaching the child nurturing skills and encourages a feeling of empathy for others, which leads to improved school attendance rates and social integration. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Taking care of a pet can help them out of their depression episode. Taking care of a pet requires a routine and forces you to stay active. The love received from a pet helps adults and children stay positive.

Children seem to think of only the fun benefits of owning a pet. Parents realize there is a lot of patience, effort and love involved, but the pay off of sharing your home with a pet is worth the effort.

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