Actionable Tips For Helping Your Child To Read

Actionable Tips For Helping Your Child to Read[amazon asin=B00CRZXV2A&template=iframe image&localise=0&search_link=0&multi_cc=0&live=0]

Watching your child grow in front of your eyes is one of life’s greatest pleasures – the happiness which is alive and stays alive forever. For what it’s worth, it would be a hurtful regret to look at the past and think that you could have done more with your child. Do it, while you still can!

Many children learn to speak better, but have a hard time reading. They are not able to recognize the relation of words, which may result in frustration and low grades. You can help your child to read. Follow the below tips to develop your child’s ‘reading eye’.

1) Home Work Is Essential

Homework is the best opportunity for you to formally aid in your child’s reading. It may be tempting for you to let them do their homework alone, but don’t do it. You need to be present for them.

Start with mild conversation like, how was their day? What was taught at school? Which thing fascinated them the most? Make them read what they learnt. Now, correct them and aid with interesting information. Make the whole homework, an interesting session.

But keep in mind, never make them overdo homework. At this point, don’t think about grades, just think about the process and his piece of mind.

2) Introduce Story Books To Your Child

It’s a fact that children, mostly, run away from homework. Let it be. Show your child another fun path to read. Give them interesting story books about fairies, dragons and heroes. But don’t just leave it there. Join them in reading the book and sometimes read the book to them. Make it interactive.

3) Celebrate Every Time Your Child Finishes A Book

Nothing is better than to reward your child for reading books. Appreciate them when they end a chapter or successfully finish a book.

The rewarding ‘therapy’ works because they get to know that they’ll be praised and loved for achieving something. So, they’ll get motivated to do even better.

4) Share Your Own Childhood Time With Your Child

To make things work, you should be really close to your child. When you see that they are going through a hard day or they can’t spell words right. Don’t panic. Just relax and let them relax too.

Share a story of your childhood about how you were back then. Tell them how you struggled and how your mom/dad helped you get over the problems. Tell them about what your fears were and the light which kept you motivated. Sharing these stories will help them to connect with you emotionally. Which will, then, help you give them lessons more easily, because now they’ll listen.

5) Make Your Child Learn Through Things

It may sound weird, but think about it. A child can learn from fun activities more than reading books. Trust me!

Let your child collect their favorite stickers, shells, rocks, papers, anything. They’ll save those things and use them when needed. It’ll help them be more organized and be responsible for those things.

You can, also, expand the learning curve of your child by taking them to shopping with you. Show them things on the way, the names, the signboards etc. Also, give them the assignment to read receipts and compare the list with a previous one. They’ll have fun.


There you have it. You got the vital idea that getting your child to read is not much about making them read books – it’s more about making them fascinated! They’ll do the rest by themselves.





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