Asperger syndrom

is a disorder that is a part of a group called autism spectrum Asperger syndromem disorders. The disorder is named after Hans Asperger, a pediatrician. He noticed he had similar behaviour patterns as many of his patients. Which were poor social skills, unable to communicate well, and poor coordination. Children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, add a very special challenge to the classroom. Asperger Syndrome quite often presents it self as normal from the outside. But their personalities are often a little eccentric. Usually have poor social skills, which many times cause them to be bullied. Children with AS often struggle with change, lack of social skills and are emotionally vulnerable. Of course not all children with AS are similar.

Each child has his or her own personality. In a school setting it is difficult to have one cure fix. Children with AS are like any other child, they want friends. Unfortunately are not quite capable of handling the situation. The school setting can give the child cues and responses to use in various social situations. Many children with AS benefit from the buddy system, being a learning tool for both students. Teach the children what to say and how to say it. Allow them to role play. Often children with AS prefer to be alone, and dream and think their own thoughts. The teacher can encourage socialization, but still give the child alone time to discover his or her own interests. Children with AS often have average to above average intelligence. They are often lacking in high level thinking and comprehension skills.

Children with AS have the intelligence to complete regular educational program. Emotionally they are fragile, and often need emotional support for the demand of the classroom. Often get easily frustrated, which can lead to depression. Teachers and adults in the child’s life, often have to teach them how to deal with stress, many times they unaware of their own feelings. Teacher and adults play a vital role in children with AS, to insure they learn to survive and negotiate the world around them. Without academic assistance these children are easily overwhelmed and often shut down.

With special love and understanding children with AS can learn and navigate through life. Many times these children hold very important jobs, and live very productive lives. Appropriate educational support and resources will help to achieve their goal.

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