Asperger Syndrome In Children

Asperger Syndrome In Children

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder classified as an autism spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum simply refers to a class of developmental disabilities which occur in varying severities and show different symptoms. Children suffering from the same spectrum may show different symptoms. Compared to girls, boys are more likely to suffer from asperger syndrome. The condition can’t be cured but it can be managed by therapeutic intervention, regular routine and support.

Many behaviors associated with AS are deemed ‘normal’ if they occur some of the time. Frequent occurrence of these behaviors may be an indication of asperger syndrome and the patterns of the symptoms vary from one child to another. Despite the variations, children with AS will show above-average intelligence, no history of language delay and better fundamental language skills.

Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome

  • Inability to understand the rules of social behavior
  • Sensitivity to criticism
  • Preference for playing with older children, adults or alone
  • Difficulties in making new friends
  • Narrow field of interests
  • Lack of appreciation for communication involving talking or listening
  • Very literal understanding of what is said
  • Exemplary language skills

Causes of Asperger Syndrome

Science is yet to discover a definitive cause of asperger syndrome. However, factors like parenting techniques, television, tantrums, junk food, and family situations cannot cause AS. Recent scientific research indicates that there could be a link between the disorder and genetics or neurology.

It’s important to understand that asperger syndrome is not a disease as it cannot be caught or recovered from. It’s takes up to several years for the effects of AS to become evident, and diagnosis is sometimes made during school years or even adulthood.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is usually present at birth and while parents may notice difference of behavior, it can take years for behavioral patterns to be linked to the disorder. Diagnosis is usually performed by a pediatrician in partnership with specialists like a speech pathologist or a psychologist. The diagnostic process is a long one and different techniques will be used to assess the child’s skills and abilities in different environments such as school, home or clinic.

While asperger syndrome is not curable, social assistance can help a child with AS cope better. Diagnosis will allow people with asperger syndrome to access funding, support, and disability services. Diagnosis also allows families and friends to understand the feelings and behaviors of children with AS. Ultimately, people plan for realistic changes that will help manage their stress.

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