Teach math to your kids: The fun way.

Teach math to your kids: The fun way.

Kids absolutely dread math. It is worse than the monster under their bed or the creature in their closet. The chances that they would run from math rather than broccoli is high! It’s all because children find math very confusing and difficult. The infiniteness of numbers and processes is very intimidating and scary to them. This is because they consider math as more of a chore than a fun lesson.Partly the tutors are to be blamed. Teaching to such young kids is always complicated, you are torn between wanting to teach them and to make it more interesting for them.
Why be torn when you can combine both of these things?
You can teach math to your kids in a fun and interesting way that not only catches and builds their interest but also teaches them. Come down to their level and think about what interests them the most? What is that catches their attention immediately? What is it that would draw them at one? Of course, GAMES!
Technology has taken over our lives and there is a technological solution for anything and everything. You can now teach your child by playing various math games. There are a variety of math games available for kids online that can be downloaded on your cellphone or any device. They help children in all grades to learn important math lessons in a quick and fun way. You can even find specific topic games online such as addition games, division games and etc.
These games make use of fun illustrations, characters and colors to attract children and use various songs to help them retain the information. Once a child learns the ‘daunting’ and ‘scary’ subject in a fun way, he/she will be more prone to learn other subjects in the same manner as well.

Kids of this age are not those that can be forced to learn. You need to make use of certain tactics and adopt certain strategies which would make learning fun. Making learning entertaining and enjoyable for them will not only work at this age, but will make them love learning as they grow. Maybe when they reach a certain age they would adopt varying strategies to learn but at this age, by making the leaning process amusing and entertaining, you are planting a seed that will grow with time.

Apart from games, you can also use other varying techniques and methods as well. Use colorful flashcards that have a problem written on one side and the answer on the other. Use artwork when teaching your child, like draw cartoons or characters to explain them. You can also make use of storytelling to involve your child even more. By relating to a particular story, your child will be able to sustain and retain what he/she has learned for a longer period of time. Just remember one thing: Your kid is a child, be a child with him/her and teach. He/she would better relate with a person who comes to his/her level rather than the ‘mean adult’.

Happy teaching!


Math Games For 4th Graders

Math Games For 4th Graders


Mathematics is a subject that most of the students find tough and boring. However this subject is one of the most important subjects for all the students owing to its application in every field of life. A student has to master this subject whether he/she likes it or not. There is no field where you can be successful without having at least the basic know how about mathematics.

No doubt math is a boring subject and takes a great toll on the students but it can be made fun. The subject doesn’t remain much boring and tough if you make it interesting somehow.

Math games are gaining a widespread recognition these days owing to their popularity among the students. Educational experts have also regarded this to be a popular way of learning mathematics especially among the junior and high school students.

Fourth grade is an important grade for the mathematics and some of the very important skills are included in it. Some of the important skills that the fourth graders learn in school includes Number Sense, Addition, Functions, Variable Expressions, Subtraction, Coordinate Graphs, Logical Reasoning, Patterns and Sequences, Measurements, Time Geometry, Money etc.

There are a lot of websites online that offers math games for fourth graders. Every website is competing with others by providing the games for all sorts of math problems but we have compiled a few top rated math games on the internet for the fourth graders.

Bloxorz: This is a geometrical game in which the 4th graders are required to put a cube into a hole in the minimum possible moves by moving it in a precise manner.

DuBlox: This is another geometrical game quite similar with the above mentioned game, however it offers improved graphics. The game employs a cubic object and the player is required to put it on a red colored mark by moving it precisely.

Pumpkin Remover: This is another geometrical game for fourth graders and allows them use geometrical principles and correct use of gravity to clear the levels.

Math Racing: In this game the students learn about large whole numbers both in word and standard form while enjoying a fast paced racing game.

Adding Money Game: This game employs virtual cash register which allows the 4th graders to solve the word problems while enjoying this interesting game.

Adding Basket Ball Game: This game allows the students to practice the addition of decimals while playing an interesting basket ball game.

Adding Decimal Soccer Game: This game provides the opportunity to learn decimal addition to 4th grade students by scoring the goals.

Adding Decimals Basketball Game: This game also allows the 4th graders to practice decimal addition while playing basketball.

Division With Remainder Game: This game allows the students of 4th grade with a chance to solve division with remainder problems while enjoying the soccer game.

4th Grade Vocabulary Game: This is a vocabulary game for the 4th graders which help them learn important math definitions and terminologies.

Dividing By One-digit Number: This is multi-player game which gives the students a chance to solve division problems while playing the game of soccer.

Free online Math Games


Homeschooling has long been a controversial subject that’s come under national scrutiny recently. While some people think that homeschooling is a negative way to teach children, the fact is there are many positive ways to boost your child’s learning curve through home school math techniques. Home schooled children have shown a positive change over children going through the traditional school system.

Parents who have lost faith in the current school teaching core may wonder what homeschooling is. Teaching your children at home using a curriculum that’s customized for them is one way of explaining it, and it’s growing more and more popular every day.

One of the biggest reasons for this is of course the current way in which the state has mandated school teaching methods. Many of the methods we grew up with are no longer around, because core principles based around spelling, reading and math have changed for the worse. The new teaching tactics have concerned parents enough to convince them to pull their children out of public school and teaching them at home.

Fuzzy math is one of the biggest reasons around this trend, and it’s led to an entire generation that’s incapable of performing basic math. Some of the core teaching principles in today’s schools teach what’s called “Everyday Mathematics” which teaches a new way of educating kids to do math. These new methods use a strange way to reach the same answer, and its deliberating sabotaging today’s youth.

The tried and true fashion of multiplication tables and doing basic double digit math has fallen by the wayside. Instead children today are taught using a strange way of multiplication by using their hands and leaving the memorization part of learning out of it. Some other schools lean on the “box method” which is basically giving children a long way of doing a simple problem.

Today’s youth and even many adults having grown up with these teaching methods simply lack the basic tools to perform simple math problems. This can harm their potential to find steady employment and quite frankly be an embarrassing problem.

If you don’t want your children to share the same fate, you can use a variety of free online math games to help your child learn math the right way. Popular free online math games can make learning fun and easy depending on how old your child is and what grade they are in.

When your child is struggling with math or worksheets, you can help them improve their grade by finding the right online math game for them. Free online can really unlock your child’s mind and guide them to use the correct methods to learn addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Many free online math games can help your child learn and have fun while being corrected, and it’s a simple and entertaining way to improve their learning curve no matter what grade they are in.


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