How to Teach Politics by Getting Your Kids Involved in Politics

How to Teach Politics by Getting Your Kids Involved in Politics

It is not every day that one gets the idea of getting their kids involved in politics. It is because politics is considered a dirty game. That is utterly true. But the political scene has taken leaps in trying to make the “game” clean. This can only be said for more developed countries. However, in many third world countries, there is a large extent of stigma on kids, women and other minor groups when it comes to politics. It is therefore, important for such countries to try and practise what other more developed countries do when it comes to letting kids air their opinion on political matters. Even so, how can you teach politics by letting your kids get involved in it? Well, the best way is to fill your kids up with knowledge about politics and let them be ambassadors of “clean” politics in the society. Below are some key points to teach your kids about politics and to get them involved in it, in the long run.

Vividly explain the concept of voting

For any citizen (including kids), voting is a democratic right and not a privilege. The only problem is that legislation allows for only people of a certain age, mostly over 18, to participate in the voting process. Though this is the case in many countries, few countries like the U.S allow kids to vote in the primary election. This is an awesome opportunity for kids to learn about voting. In trying to illustrate the concept of voting to your kids, carry out simple practises in your home like letting the kid choose what to eat for dinner. This will go a long way in helping the kid make informed decisions.

Teach respectful disagreement

How can you teach your kids this concept? Well, the best thing is to be open up with them. Try to put them in an adult’s context. Tell them whom you are voting for and the reasons why. Let your kids dispute this if they feel your choice of candidate is not good. By engaging your kids in a debate, you will be teaching them the vital lesson of disagreeing on a certain issue politely. After all, in politics, we have to disagree in order to agree.

Get them more involved in the society

It is always the norm that kids have hobbies like playing video games or even riding a bike. That is –good for their development. Although, this is the case in the traditional growth, kids have over the years become opposed with issues like conserving the environment. If a candidate is vouching for environmental conservation, you can let your kid participate in campaigns. Of course i mean in a controlled environment with minimal responsibilities. You can let them also participate in the voting process indirectly. This can be accomplished by taking the kid to the polling station in the voting day and walk the kid through every step as you vote. This will make the kid enthusiastic about the process and he would want to learn more.