Is homework really necessary?

There’s no doubt that the majority of teachers throughout the country issue homework to their students each and every day, but many educators are starting to wonder if homework really is necessary at all for young learners. Believe it or not, many teachers, administrators, researchers and parents think that too much homework might actually be detrimental to the learning process of children. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons why homework should probably no longer be as big of a deal as it once was.


Longer Classes – Unlike decades ago, students now spend the majority of their days going from class to class. Since school class schedules keep getting longer and longer, is it really necessary to assign additional work for the students to complete at home?

Takes Time Away From Extracurricular Activities – Extracurricular activities such as playing a musical instrument or athletics are an important part of a student’s development. If a student is given a great deal of homework each night, he or she will likely have to sacrifice either their grades or their involvement in other rewarding activities.

Limits Family Time – The hours that fall between school letting out and bedtime is a time for families to spend together. If a child is too focused on his or her homework assignments, this could mean he or she could be skipping out on quality time spent with the family.

More Work to Grade – Another reason why homework isn’t really necessary for young students is because it just adds to the schoolwork that teachers have to grade. If a teacher can save time by not having to grade hundreds of homework assignments each week, he or she can then better serve the students by doing more hands-on teaching.


As you can see, homework really isn’t that necessary but everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. So, what do you think? Is homework really necessary or not?