The temptation of computer games

The temptation of computer games

There has been, for sure, thousands of articles written about this topic. To make it clear, I´m not a psychologist neither a specialist on gaming. I´ve played only a few games during my life so far. Two of them had the strongest impact on me. The Prince of Persia and the World of Warcraft. The latter I was not even really playing. You need to gain a particular skill to proceed in the game, and I decided to not go for it. Yet I watched a friend of mine playing it for quite some time. I liked both of those games or better expression is probably I felt in love with them. But let´s start from the beginning – how did the temptation of computer games appear in my life?

I could have had 10 when a computer appeared in our house. We as children were immediately interested in this new unknown thing. And since it had been already known for some time that this strange thing is very good for games we were particularly interested in them. I´m not familiar if there was any known thread in pc games so far. Anyway, our parents provided us with some and we, me and my sister, begun to play. Here we met the Prince. I do not recall if he was charming but definitely exciting enough. Soon we were able to spend some hours in front of the screen. But we didn´t do so that often because either we had some other hobbies to do or friends to play with or our parents didn´t simply let us. And honestly I never felt so bad if there was a penalty to not play computer than if one was not allowed to go out to play with other children. We nevertheless spent quite a time with the Prince, and achieved to get to some advanced levels I guess level 11th but we have never managed to get the princess out of the jail. For us it was mission impossible. Although later on some people suggested that the game was not that difficult if nothing the fire rock ball eventually killed us every time.

Later in my life I have decided not to even try the games since there was so many exciting things to do and I was too busy to sit in front of the computer. Yet almost 20 years later, I had been in situation where I actually felt like give it a try again. Yes, here is when the World of Warcraft begins. It has already been “old” style game yet for me super new one. I loved it. My character I could have created, the phantasy background, there the animation. I have been playing for some hours and nights but luckily, I was too slow to fully enjoy the play and when the temptation of computer games hit me I withstood it simply haven´t returned to the game again knowing it would cost me time I didn´t wanted to spend on it.

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