Children with down syndrome

Children with down syndrome


Down syndrome is one of the most common birth defects.  Children born with this condition have characteristic physical features and some degree of mental retardation.  Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosome abnormalities in humans, occurring in about one per 1000 babies born each year.


Parents of down syndrome have access to therapeutic and educational supports, which help to understand the situation a little better, education support is also useful.  School support helps the child fit into a classroom situation and makes learning and social cues a little easy for the child.  Studies show the impact of down syndrome on parents, families and siblings is more positive and feelings of pride in the success the child has in his or her life.


Children with down syndrome usually learn and progress more slowly than other children.  Now students with down syndrome are full members of age appropriate classrooms with assistance.  The inclusion environment is likely to stigmatize and provide a much safer and natural environments for the students.  With a team effort this can be a very happy and inspiring situation for all involved.


Opportunities to live and work independently in the community have increased for those with down syndrome, this is due to the more inclusive and comprehensive education, which promotes public awareness and attitudes towards a disability.  These children when ready want to join the work force, they are hard working and dependable when they are trained and supervised well.  There are jobs available to suit the needs of the down syndrome adult and to suit the employer.  Working as a community we can make this happen.


A child with down syndrome have more opportunities than a child born five years ago with down syndrome.  No one expected them to learn, because of the lack of education,they behaved as we expected to behave.  Many down syndrome can read, do math, cook, dress themselves , and continued to go on and live successful and productive lives with help from families and the community.  They need understanding and support of families and the communities so they can integrate into mainstream programs, so many doors be open for them.  They have dreams and the determination to reach their goals.


The news of having a down syndrome child will not overshadow your life, it will slowly slide into the background as you slip into a normal family life, realizing that the love for a child really has nothing to do chromosomes and extra doctor visits.  The hopeful future for down syndrome children is up lifting, so enjoy your blessings, and your child will provide you with new perspectives, love, and a deeper appreciation for the little things life has to offer.








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