How to make History fun by Visiting Historical sites in Your Area

How to make History fun by Visiting Historical sites in Your Area

Children aren’t always so keen on being a part of history and more so they aren’t always so interested in learning about it. However, if you’re able to make it interesting then they’re more likely to want to be a part of it. One of those ways is by visiting historical sites in your area. Depending on where you live they may offer something such as a reenactment on the grounds in which a historical battle or event took place. This allows kids to watch others dress up and play out history as it happened. Some places may even have vendors there that allow children to dress up as a part of that historical period as well.

State parks are usually another great way to go, as they often times contain monuments or plaques that can tell you interesting facts about the time period discussed and you can enjoy the sites in the process. Along the east coast many of the towns will offer you river boat rides that not only allow you to comfortably sit back and get a view of the area, but you’re also getting to learn about the place you live. In places such as the Carolina’s there is a lot of history that has taken place including slavery, and you can go through tours of the old plantation houses and other places from history.

Anyone who enjoys going on walks can potentially visit any historical place of importance. If you know a little about the town in which you live in any house in the neighborhood could have had some form of historical importance. Towns and cities that have museums are often times built on historical landmarks which means not only are you able to view a historical moment in history, when you go inside you can literally take a walk through history and learn about all the neat things that have happened over the centuries.

If you’re not one to just sit back and watch, find ways to volunteer to do historical reenactments in which you can dress up and take part in history. Some places that you may be able to find in your town may take special trips or tours to other local area’s that are historical or have some part in history. If you’re unsure where to go to find these types of things in the surrounding area you can always try going to a local tourist information booth or a local library where they have more information available. Some libraries have known to take part in historical activities or take groups to different places of significance. For areas with a museum, especially a children’s museum they may have more information on places in the surrounding area that may have something fun and entertaining to doing.

One that we always loved was the Renaissance festival in which they had a jousting show, you were able to rent costumes that were tailored for the time period and generally built on around a historical landmark.

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